Why the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)?

The IIP offers secure Permanent Residency (PR) status in Ireland for non-European nationals who may apply for themselves, their spouse and dependent children up to 24 years of age. The IIP is uniquely Fast, Safe, Simple, Efficient and Flexible. We explore this further below and why you should consider choosing the IIP and Ireland as your immigration destination.

1. Fast Approval Process

The submission process to apply under the IIP is comparatively straight forward and takes approximately 2 months. Fitzwilliam Capital’s trusted partner in your local region can professionally advise on your specific circumstances with regards to documentation preparation to ensure the application meets the programme’s requirements. Once the formal application is submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Ireland, approval is generally granted within a 6 to 9 month time period. To date, Fitzwilliam Capital maintain a 100% track record for applications submitted under the programme.

2. Investment Safety

Unlike other countries immigration investment programmes, there is no requirement to invest under the IIP until an application has been Pre-Approved by the DOJ in Ireland. On receipt of a ‘Pre-Approval Letter’ under the IIP, the approved Investor has 90 Days to complete their investment, no other information will be requested by the DOJ during this period. Fitzwilliam Capital assists the Investor in engaging an independent Lawyer in Ireland, ensuring full transparency and safety of investment funds. Further to the required investment being made, a ‘Full-Approval Letter’ will be issued by the DOJ within 5 working days. Thereafter the Investor and any applicable family members can arrange to visit Ireland to formally register at DOJ headquarters. The Fitzwilliam Capital team provides ongoing support throughout the process.

3. Simple Requirements

Distinct form other countries immigration programmes, there are no language or educational requirements associated with an application under the IIP. In addition, there is no formal interview process, this allows the entire application process to be carried out without the requirement to visit Ireland.

4. Efficient Policies

Persons approved under the IIP who are older than 16 years only need to visit Ireland for one day per calendar year meet the minimum residency requirements of the programme. This landing requirement is a significant advantage for persons who may not necessarily wish to move to Ireland in the short term. Children under 16 years are not required to travel to Ireland.

5. Flexibility

Following receipt of the PR status offered under the IIP, there is no obligation for approved persons to move to Ireland. PR status can be held indefinitely without the need to physically reside in Ireland. Non-residents are also not privy to global taxation for holding PR status in Ireland. PR holders under the IIP are free to employed, start a business, purchase property and make investments in Ireland should they wish to do so.