Real Estate in Ireland

The Irish economy is currently growing at the fastest rate in EU. House prices have been on an upward trend since 2013 and this trend is set to continue driven by significant demand and a tight supply of newly constructed homes being delivered. The Irish Government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan has the primary objective that every citizen in the State should have access to good quality homes. It is estimated that Ireland will need an average of 33,000 new homes to be provided each year from 2021 to 2030.

Investor appetite has been exceptionally strong throughout the recent years across most real estate sectors with ‘build to rent’ residential developments being constructed in major cities due to high rental demand. Approximately 70% of residential properties in Ireland are owner occupied. There is a broad range of residential accommodation available in Ireland to suit all tastes from contemporary living to rural settings. A majority of people live in modern low rise residential accommodation. Apartment living is generally only popular in city centres and other urban areas. As a result of the popular trend towards remote working, many families are now considering rural living for an improved lifestyle and wellbeing.

Purchasing Residential Property

It is common for the process of purchasing a residential property in Ireland to take between 3 to 6 months. The Fitzwilliam Capital team can provide our clients with a one-stop service for purchasing residential property in Ireland, our aim is to ensure that all our clients purchase the correct property for their needs in the right location. Our service includes:

  • Preliminary discussion on budget, location, property type, local amenities required etc.
  • Research of potential properties based on preliminary discussion.
  • Arranging viewings of potential properties with Estate Agents.
  • Meeting with Estate Agents at potential properties.
  • Arranging an Irish Lawyer.
  • Negotiation and bidding on potential properties.
  • Achieving ‘Sale Agreed’.
  • Arranging survey of the property.
  • Managing the Irish Lawyer and Estate Agent until the ‘Closing of Sale’ and handover of keys.
  • Arranging House Insurance before ‘Closing of Sale’.

Note: Fitzwilliam Capital do not receive any gratuity from third party ‘Estate Agents’ pending the successful purchase of a property on behalf of our Clients.