Ireland for Education

Fitzwilliam Capital have observed that many of our clients consider the education of their children as the primary consideration when choosing Ireland as their immigration destination for their family. Education options in Ireland are not only of an international standard but also benefit from being cost effective in comparison to English speaking education in other countries. We take a closer look below the advantages of Irish education and why you should consider Ireland as an education destination.

By way of background, education in Ireland is comprised of both public and private education systems. It is worth noting that all residents of Ireland, including those who have been granted residency through the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP), are entitled to free public education. Tuition fees for private schools in Ireland range from approximately €5,000 – €8,000 per year.

The Irish education system is divided into four stages: Pre-school (3 to 4 years of age); First level (4 to 12 years of age): Second level (12 to 18 years of age); Third level (18 years +). Education is compulsory from the ages 6 to 16 years. There are eight public universities in Ireland which rank impressively well at international level:

  1. Trinity College Dublin –
  2. University College Dublin –
  3. Dublin City University –
  4. NUI Galway –
  5. University College Cork –
  6. Maynooth University –
  7. University of Limerick –
  8. Technological University Dublin –

Ireland is an excellent location for children to receive their education, not only due to the warmth and friendliness of Irish people but the excellent educational environment and multi-culture embracement. Ireland is also a strategic choice for students who wish to further their studies in Ireland.

1. First-class education and teaching principles

Ireland’s reputation for quality education has been built up through the long-standing commitment of schools and teachers’ principle of ‘quality education for students’ at all stages of education in Ireland. A high quality, liberal learning environment allows each child to be taught according to their own abilities and allows children to think independently. Irish universities are ranked in the top ten percent globally and Irish university graduates are considered desirable to employers worldwide.

2. A safe and friendly educational environment

Ireland’s educational facilities offer a safe and friendly learning environment for international students. The Global Peace Index 2021 reports that Ireland is ranked 8th out of 163 countries worldwide. As one of the seven permanently neutral countries, Ireland has a stable social structure and multicultural living environment. This combined provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to pursue their studies.

3. Diverse and cutting-edge academic opportunities

Many global companies have key strategic development research institutes in Ireland seeking talented graduates to join their organisations. There are also numerous opportunities for international students to apply for advanced academic study in Ireland. The overall academic environment in Irish universities is inclusive with a focus on integrating international students into to Irish educational life.

4. Career Opportunities

Ireland is home to over 1,400 overseas companies. These companies offer local graduates employment opportunities as they expand their operations in Ireland. These opportunities give Irish graduates access to leading roles in these companies. Ireland is particularly well suited for people in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Financial Services, Food / Agriculture, Medical technology, and biotechnology.

5. English is the primary language for education and life

Although Ireland has its own native language (Irish) and unique cultural identity, English is the main language of daily life. Ireland is one of the few countries in the EU were English is the primary language. This is one of the reasons why many multinational companies establish their European Headquarters in Ireland. It also makes Ireland a great choice for families who wish to live and study in an English-speaking European country.