Healthcare & Health Insurance in Ireland

Healthcare in Ireland comprises of two systems, namely the Public Healthcare System, managed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Private Healthcare System. The public healthcare system is funded by the Irish Government. Ireland’s Private Healthcare System is considered world-class and any medical care required can be facilitated locally without an necessity to travel internationally.

For the purpose of the Irish Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP), beneficiaries must maintain Private Healthcare insurance while they reside in Ireland. All Private Healthcare insurers are registered with the Health Insurance Authority which is the country’s independent regulator for Private Healthcare insurance. Private Healthcare insurance is relatively inexpensive in Ireland and Tax relief is available for premiums paid for Healthcare insurance.

Primary health and medical care services in Ireland are mainly provided by General Practitioners (GPs) who usually maintain their own practices or work with other GPs in medical centres. There are ‘out-of-hours’ GP services throughout the country. When dealing with primary Healthcare professionals such as Doctors, patients pay the Healthcare professional directly and thereafter claim the cost of the consultation from their Private Healthcare insurer.

The Irish Government’s ‘Healthy Ireland’ initiative is actively promoting a country where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health to their full potential, where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society.

Ireland’s Leading Health Insurance Companies

  1. VHI –
    VHI is currently the largest insurer in Ireland by market share, with 1 in 5 Irish residents insured by VHI.
  2. Laya Healthcare –
    Since its inception in 1997, Laya Healthcare has become the second largest health insurance provider in Ireland as one of the emerging mainstays of Irish health insurance. Over 500,000 individuals or families currently are their membership.
  3. Irish Life Health –
    Formerly one of the oldest insurance companies in the region, Irish Life Health has undergone various stages of reform is now a newly formed company known for its insurance and pension services.

A quote for Private medical insurance can be easily arranged online via the official websites noted above. The Fitzwilliam Capital team also provide assistance to our clients in arranging suitable cover if required.