Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) Update

Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) Update Further to a press release by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Ireland on the 14th February 2023, the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) was closed to further applications from the 15th February 2023. Notwithstanding this, in-line with the DOJ’s guidelines for the orderly closure of the IIP, Fitzwilliam Capital are pleased to advise that we have ‘limited’ places available on both our ‘€1m Enterprise Investment’ and ‘€400,000 Endowment’ projects, allowing our clients to securely achieve Permanent Residency in Ireland. Please reach out for detailed information. Fitzwilliam Capital’s operations continue undisrupted, supporting our [...]

Real Estate in Ireland

Real Estate in Ireland The Irish economy is currently growing at the fastest rate in EU. House prices have been on an upward trend since 2013 and this trend is set to continue driven by significant demand and a tight supply of newly constructed homes being delivered. The Irish Government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan has the primary objective that every citizen in the State should have access to good quality homes. It is estimated that Ireland will need an average of 33,000 new homes to be provided each year from 2021 to 2030. Investor appetite has been exceptionally strong [...]

Why the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)?

Why the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP)? The IIP offers secure Permanent Residency (PR) status in Ireland for non-European nationals who may apply for themselves, their spouse and dependent children up to 24 years of age. The IIP is uniquely Fast, Safe, Simple, Efficient and Flexible. We explore this further below and why you should consider choosing the IIP and Ireland as your immigration destination. 1. Fast Approval Process The submission process to apply under the IIP is comparatively straight forward and takes approximately 2 months. Fitzwilliam Capital’s trusted partner in your local region can professionally advise on [...]

Healthcare & Health Insurance in Ireland

Healthcare & Health Insurance in Ireland Healthcare in Ireland comprises of two systems, namely the Public Healthcare System, managed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Private Healthcare System. The public healthcare system is funded by the Irish Government. Ireland’s Private Healthcare System is considered world-class and any medical care required can be facilitated locally without an necessity to travel internationally. For the purpose of the Irish Immigrant Investment Programme (IIP), beneficiaries must maintain Private Healthcare insurance while they reside in Ireland. All Private Healthcare insurers are registered with the Health Insurance Authority which is the country’s independent [...]

Why emigrate to Ireland?

Why emigrate to Ireland? Ireland provides a unique immigration destination for persons seeking a safe and friendly location for family life. With a high standard of living, combined with a world-renowned English speaking education system, Ireland is certainly a destination for persons seeking long term opportunities. Additionally, Ireland is ranked highly amongst the top countries in the world to do business. We explore further these advantages below and why you should consider choosing Ireland as your immigration destination. Safe & friendly location to Live Ireland is an island country on the edge of Western Europe, known as the 'Emerald [...]

Ireland for Education

Ireland for Education Fitzwilliam Capital have observed that many of our clients consider the education of their children as the primary consideration when choosing Ireland as their immigration destination for their family. Education options in Ireland are not only of an international standard but also benefit from being cost effective in comparison to English speaking education in other countries. We take a closer look below the advantages of Irish education and why you should consider Ireland as an education destination. By way of background, education in Ireland is comprised of both public and private education systems. It is [...]

Ireland’s Business & Investment Environment

Ireland’s Business & Investment Environment Ireland has become a hub for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with over 1,400 overseas companies established and with the support of the Irish Development Authority (IDA) continues to attract businesses from sectors including Technology, Engineering, Life Sciences, Business Services and Financial Services. Ireland’s pro-business attitude enables companies to register efficiently. It is this ease of establishment that contributes to Ireland being ranked amongst the top countries in the world to do business. Ireland provides easy access to the European market for companies establishing a European base with access to a European labour force of [...]

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